Water Governance

Without effective governance water will continue to be mismanaged. In many places there is a need to improve the the range of political, social, economic, and administrative systems that are in place to develop and manage water resources, seeking to improve the delivery of water services at different levels of society. Shortcomings in allocations, regulation, and understanding, combined with short-term outlooks push water further down the priority agenda, and yet many of the vital problems faced by the poor are linked to water.

IWEL works with organisations and Governments to improve understanding of water as a complete system based on hydrological steps. By identifying uses of water at each stage in the hydrological cycle we facilitate understanding between competing users of water using adaptive and results based management principles. Our approach is based on improving institutional integrity and looking at water as an entry point to improve the wider socio-economic environment and ecosystem health. we assist our clients in forming solutions to these problems, advocating reform where required, training and education, facilitation and adoption of new management and planning skills by water professionals.