About Us

IWEL was established in 1999 and over the last 15 years it has developed a strong reputation in the water sector as one of few companies globally whose core business balances technical expertise in water infrastructure with skills in ‘soft’ issues, covering institutions, governance, communities, strategic evaluation, field survey and planning. We also offer skills and expertise in relation to development monitoring and evaluation, research, value for money, capacity building and policy influence; and thus provide a holistic combination of skills covering infrastructure as well as institutional and social development. Our knowledge of community-based approaches is balanced by a clear understanding of the responsibility of national and local government to deliver appropriate and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

The key areas of our expertise allow us to undertake assignments where cross-cutting issues are paramount, such as water supply, sanitation and health (WASH), integrated water resources management (IWRM), water governance and institutional development, water for food and climate change resilience.

We are frequently engaged by bilateral and multilateral donors and work for a range of clients including the World Bank, African Development Bank, UN Agencies, EC, DFID and developing country governments directly. We also work for a number of international NGOs and private sector clients.

The Team

Don Brown
Mike Felton